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András Ambruzs

Our company's main activites

Electricity production by photovoltaic solar power plant

Electric enginieer service activity

About us:

Fervill Trading and Service Ltd.
Fiscal code: 26279604-2-10
Corporate registration number: 10-09-036744
The owners of our company consider the protection of nature extremely important,
that is the reason why they have invested money in a green energy producing business.
The investment takes place near Hatvan on a one hectare uncultivated land.
Energy produced this way initiates the energy produced by traditional power stations
so the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced.
Energy gets in the system directly and it does not have to be carried from distances.
In addition, the dependence of the city from huge energy systems can be reduced as well.

The photovoltaic solar power plant is one of a solar power plant type, which makes the Sun's energy to electric power directly by solar power plant.
Now the reason, somebody sit in the shadow is that an other person set a tree 20 years ago."
Warren Buffett
Using enegries, which protecting the environment
Installing media networks
Market opening to electrical power engineering areas
which motivates us during working:

"Our boss is our costumer-we sell services to it. Our colleagues are our competitors."
Richard Templar
Our company open to support and redound renewable energy using.


Company seat:

3000 Hatvan
Dembinszky street. 26.
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Working hours:
Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00
3000 Hatvan
Dembinszky u. 26.
Fervill Ltd.
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